ZALLYS HS4 - 4 wheel platform electric cart with a loading capacity up to 600 kg / 1323 lbs, ideal to cover daily operations with a single charge. This electric trolley has a great stability and is suitable to be used in productive plants, warehouses,  and in any other material movement operation, making it simple avoiding the hard work while increasing the efficiency.
It can be equipped with interchangeable skips or crates. The electronic system that controls the forwarding or the backing speed is guided by a knob accelerator making the work easier and safe even in narrow places.
The tilting system of the gives the possibility to equip and change rapidly different types of accessories depending on the expected use. Also available with heavy duty axles to load up to 1000 kg.
All Zallys vehicles are produced with high quality materials and are CE certified according to the latest European normative.