M12 E

Zallys M12 E electric tug is set up for the connection of electric accessories, i.e. the electric controlled hitch. It combines the manoeuvrabity and reliability of standard M12 version with the versatility and ergonomics of electric controlled accessories, to guarantee to the operator a safe and effortless work.
A wide range of accessories is available, to easily handle wheeled loads up to 1.500 kg (3.306 lb) when equipped with ballasts. It can be equipped with battery pack of different size, light weighted and easy to remove to guarantee the maximum operativity, even during subsequent work shifts. Three versions available: 30Ah and 45Ah AGM or 40Ah Lithium.
M12 E electric tugger is the ideal solution for a variety of needs related to logistics in industries, production lines, airports, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies or warehouses, where it reduces risks and injuries connected to manual handling of loads. Is the perfect material handling aid: it increases productivity by speeding up handling duties, while improving safety and ergonomics of operators.
All Zallys vehicles are Made in Italy with high quality materials and are CE certified according to the latest European normative.